Winners & Losers of the Carson Wentz Trade

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

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The Philadelphia Eagles and Carson Wentz have split. Wentz has been traded to the Indianapolis Colts and he will become the QB1 for the team next year. Carson Wentz’s tenure in Philly was an interesting one. The world got to see him look like the best quarterback in football back in 2017, only to watch him get hurt before seasons’ end and watch his backup Nick Foles win a Super Bowl that same year. Since then it has been anything but smooth sailing for the former first round pick. Wentz has had to battle injuries and a tough Philadelphia fanbase who wanted him to live up to what his former teammate Nick Foles was able to do, to win a Super Bowl of his own. Unfortunately that would never happen as Wentz would regress and crumble under the expectations that were left for him, leading him to being benched for 2nd round pick Jalen Hurts and eventually traded to the Colts. With the trade having gone through I will share my thoughts on what this means for the parties involved.


Winners: Carson Wentz & Chris Ballard

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Wentz can finally move on and look to rebuild his career with a fresh start in Indianapolis. Wentz is coming off the worst year of his career. In 2020 he completed just 57.4 percent of his passes and threw a league leading 15 interceptions. While many people will look at these numbers and wonder how I am optimistic about this deal, Wentz played like an MVP candidate in 2017 throwing for 33 touchdowns and just 7 interceptions while leading the Eagles to an 11-2 record before an injury sidelined him for the remainder of the season. The offensive coordinator for the Eagles that year was Frank Reich. Reich is the current head coach of the colts so the relationship should definitely help. Chris Ballard, the Colts GM is also a winner because he was able to settle the Quarterback position. He gave up a third rounder and a conditional second round pick which becomes a first if Wentz plays 75% of snaps or plays 70% of snaps and makes the playoffs. While there is some risk involved, Wentz was the best available QB for the Colts. The Colts have a Super Bowl ready roster and needed to fill in the QB position to make it complete. Ballard will not have to worry about potentially drafting a quarterback in the first round and can focus on building around Wentz.


Losers: Eagles, Jalen Hurts

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According to multiple reports the Eagles wanted two first rounders for Carson Wentz. Unfortunately, they did not get one. Now they could potentially get a first round pick with the conditional second round pick they received, but that is not guaranteed and the Eagles have to take a dead cap hit of 33 million for Wentz. Maybe this will look more like a win down the road but for now, it seems that the Eagles got the short end of the stick. Many people may wonder why Jalen Hurts would be a loser in this situation. I was ready to talk about why he was a winner in this deal until I read that he would have to compete for his job in 2021. This shows that the Eagles do not have complete faith in Hurts going forward and it could be detrimental to his development. Many players need to feel a belief from the organization in order to perform well and get better. This is especially true for young quarterbacks who are at their best when the people inside the building go all in and invest in their abilities. The Eagles seem to be reluctant to do this with Hurts and Hurts may suffer because of this.


In the end the Colts get their Quarterback they believe they need to compete for a Super Bowl. While there are many question marks surrounding Carson Wentz, there is no doubt that he has plenty of talent and can be the player he was in 2017. It’s just a matter of him regaining confidence in himself and being the quarterback we all know he can be. On the other end the Eagles move on from the player many once believed to be their franchise quarterback. It will be interesting to see if Philly brings in a veteran quarterback to compete for the job with Hurts or drafts one at number 6 overall.

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